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Over ten years in the making, the What’s Out There® database project is finally a reality. It is our hope that this project will raise the public’s awareness of the breadth, diversity, and interconnectedness of our designed landscape heritage. We also hope that it will serve as a catalyst to produce scholarship, aid in the future generation of National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmark nominations and cultural landscape reports, encourage state and local landscape inventories, and instill a sense of pride for both stewards and visitors.

A project of this scope could not have been accomplished without the efforts of many people. The Cultural Landscape Foundation is fortunate to have the support of a talented Board of Directors who gave freely of their time and expertise. The assistance of board member Rebecca Frischkorn, who volunteered countless hours for more than a year, was instrumental in the development of the project. Working closely with the Cultural Landscape Foundation staff, she was able to coordinate with fellow board member Noel D. Vernon to develop and refine the What’s Out There glossary of types and styles. They also both contributed many of the biographical abstracts that appear on the website. Shaun Saer Duncan spearheaded the work of Peter Swanson at Covington & Burling to develop a comprehensive photograph permission release form. Arleyn Levee advised and vetted glossary definitions, and Carolyn Bennett, Kurt Culbertson, Peter Lindsey Schaudt, Kal Platt, and Glenn Stach each contributed numerous site descriptions and images.

More than 40 academic and professional experts in the field of landscape architecture worked with The Cultural Landscape Foundation staff to define glossary terms and their subtypes. Many thanks go to: John Beardsley, Ann Breen, Ethan Carr, Hope Cushing, Shaun Eyring, Tom Fox, Carol Grove, Linda Jewel, Susan Klaus, Judith Major, Linda McClelland, Lauren Meier, Beth Meyer, Julia Monteith, Patricia M, O’Donnell, Susan Olsen, Reuben Rainey, Richard Longstreth, Dick Rigby, Judith Robinson, Liz Sargent, Stephanie Foell, David Streatfield, Judith Tankard, and Piera Weiss. Kevin Mendik became our golf expert, crafting definitions and providing invaluable support by writing many site descriptions.

Local volunteer Lindsey Kordis contributed entries and acted as an editor on essays, allowing the Cultural Landscape Foundation staff, with Rebecca, to thoroughly vet each entry and continue to hold the project to the highest scholarly standards. Former project manager Molly Phemister coordinated the submission and editing of site, biography, and glossary entries, researching and writing many of them. In addition, our thanks go to Robert McMichael who volunteered many hours to populate the database, and in doing so, helped make the launch possible.

Finally, the Cultural Landscape Foundation would like to thank Oviatt Media and Message Agency for both designing and building, respectively, What’s Out There.

TCLF continues to work with dedicated volunteers to write What's Out There content, photograph sites, and edit submitted materials. See the Contributors page to learn about these people who help make What's Out There growth possible.

This project grew out of a Master List of Landscapes at the National Park Service in an effort to spotlight landscapes for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places and the National Historic Landmark programs. Thanks to H. Bryan Mitchell manager of the NPS Heritage Preservation program for his support of this earlier endeavor.

The creation of What’s Out There has been made possible through the generous support of The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, the National Park Service (NPS) and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).  The contents are solely the responsibility of TCLF and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of NPS or NCPTT.