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Parkmerced, San Francisco, CA

The goal of Landslide® is to draw immediate and lasting attention to threatened landscapes and unique features.

Landslide sparks debate—revealing the value of everyday places—encouraging informed community-based stewardship decisions. Landslide both highlights and monitors at-risk landscapes and annual thematic listings to save this heritage for future generations. Through Web features, travelling exhibits, and print publications, Landslide reveals the value of these often forgotten landscapes.

Landslide is designed to educate and thereby rally support at the local, state, and national levels by calling attention to endangered landscapes in communities nationwide. By creating an interactive, online resource, Landslide directs the public to local advocates working to safeguard each site. While many Landslide properties have been saved, others remain at-risk or have been lost all together. 
Landslide features are written by outside authors and provide a history of each threatened site; the social, cultural, and artistic significance; a biography of the landscape architect or designer, if applicable; and details of the current threat. The articles are reviewed and vetted by TCLF staff prior to publication on our website in hopes of encouraging an informed dialogue.

This initiative includes:

Nine Mile Canyon, UT

richly illustrated, online features that include a history of the site, the nature of the threat, and critical information for learning more and getting involved.


Landslide 2009

Annual Spotlight
online features, signboard exhibits, and exhibitions of original photography highlight thematic designees, nominated by the public and selected to highlight current issues in design and historic preservation.