Pioneers of American Landscape Design

This book introduces the reader to the geniuses and more ordinary folk who brought about the key decisions that shaped American landscapes and public spaces, and established the United States as a leader in land design, planning, and conservation. Many landscape historians, educators, and others participated in this project and wrote the individual essays contained in this 352-page book.

Preserving Modern Landscape Architecture II: Making Postwar Landscapes Visible

This second volume on the topic, published by The Cultural Landscape Foundation and edited by Charles A. Birnbaum, builds on the essays published by Spacemaker Press in 1999.

Making Postwar Landscapes Visible contains seventeen essays by leading practitioners in landscape architecture and historic preservation of today, including Stuart Dawson, M. Paul Friedberg, Lawrence Halprin, Grant Jones, Richard Longstreth, Laurie Olin, and Marc Treib. Papers from Canada, Portugal, and the United Kingdom further expand the breadth of the publication.