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Pioneers of American Landscape Design

Friedberg Oral History

The Pioneers of American Landscape Design® initiative chronicles the lives and careers of those who have designed our gardens, parks, streets, campuses, cemeteries, suburbs, and the innumerable other environments in which we live.

This dynamic, ongoing series utilizes multiple formats—including biographical profiles, videotaped and transcribed oral histories, tours, and print publications—to educate, inspire, and promote the active sharing of information.

The Pioneers initiative has expanded rapidly over the last decade. The goal of the initiative has always been to provide much needed information on the visionaries, both well known and understudied, who have had a significant impact on the designed American landscape.

Beginning with a National Park Service database, information was first publicly disseminated through the book Pioneers of American Landscape Design. The project has grown to encompass oral histories, videotaped interviews, biographic and project profiles, and additional print publications. Perhaps the most significant component of the Pioneers initiative, however, is the interactive research queries, designed to encourage the active and ongoing participation of educators, practitioners, and stewards of our shared landscape heritage.  

This initiative includes:


Pioneer Profiles and Biographies
short profiles and longer biographical essays detailing the lives and careers of those pioneering designers, horticulturalists, city planners, engineers, authors, and educators that have shaped the country’s collective designed landscape


Carol Johnson

Oral Histories
in-depth, videotaped and transcribed interviews with nationally and internationally-celebrated landscape architects, artfully edited under three themes: biography, design, and projects.



Shaping Cover

encyclopedic collections of essays chronicling those who have shaped the American landscape, Pioneers of American Landscape Design and the follow-up, Shaping the American Landscape.


Research Queries

Research Queries
submit or respond to research queries regarding both well-known and lesser-known designers and landscapes.