Landslide 2017: Call for Nominations

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Landslide 2017: Call for Nominations

Landslide 2017: Call for Nominations
Jan 09, 2017

Throughout North America there's a growing trend in parks and open spaces today: land held in public trust is being confiscated for new construction projects and other incompatible uses. This is problematic when viable alternatives exist. Recent U.S. and Canadian examples range from the confiscation of pastoral parkland to threats to tribal lands for pipeline construction. In the U.S., New Jersey's Rahway River Park, an Olmsted Brothers-designed Neighborhood Park that has been determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, is seeing a significant portion confiscated to be replaced with components of a sports complex. Other examples include the elegant and locally beloved Scott Sunken Garden in Lansing, MI, which will be demolished and replaced with a utility sub-station, and a signature open space in Memphis’ historic Overton Park, designed by George Kessler and listed in the National Register of Historic Places, which will be used as a parking lot indefinitely. National headlines accompanied the controversial use of sacred tribal lands for a proposed energy pipeline, while recent proposals have surfaced that would give away federally owned and protected land to states.  The threats to Canadian cultural landscapes are equally significant.

These types of threats are not new, but their intensity and frequency seems to be increasing.  As the urban renaissance continues, development pressures grow on local and municipal parkland. The innate values of open space are downplayed and proposals move forward to confiscate irreplaceable parkland and replace it with new, often incompatible, uses. 

The 2017 Landslide® theme - Open Season on Open Space - calls attention to those cultural landscapes that are threatened by new construction or other uses that can be served outside of neighborhood parkland. This annual compendium will be chosen from hundreds of submitted nominations based on the significance of the site and the imminency of the threat. The compendium will be featured on TCLF’s website, with critical information on how the public may get involved.

2017 Landslide nominations can be submitted to Nord Wennerstrom, A nomination form is available for download below. The deadline for submission is June 30th, and the list will be announced in Fall 2017. 

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