Neglected Heritage Beneath Our Feet: Documenting Historic Street and Sidewalk Pavement Across America

What defines the modern city? For many, towering skyscrapers would be an obvious answer, having been synonymous with modernity since the 1880s. Yet contemporaneous with the rise of skyscrapers was the much less heralded, but just as significant, revolution that took place under people’s feet with the development of permanent sidewalks, curbs, and street paving.

New Monograph on Beatrix Farrand’s Role in the Design of Acadia National Park’s Carriage Roads

The Public-Spirited Beatrix Farrand of Mount Desert Island, the first publication of the Beatrix Farrand Society Press, discusses Farrand’s involvement in the design of the carriage roads running through Acadia National Park, her relationship with the Rockefellers, and how their collaboration influenced her later work at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, D.C.

Lawrence Halprin Gallery Guide

Lawrence Halprin changed the profession of landscape architecture. His theories and designs aimed to improve the lives of urban dwellers during an era when many people were fleeing cities. He invented new types of landscapes that were dynamic and ahead of their time: environmentally sensitive communites, parks under and over freeways, recycled industrial sites, and integrated urban space networks.