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What's Out There

The goal of this searchable, easy-to-navigate database is to raise public awareness of the rich diversity and interconnectedness of our shared designed landscape heritage. Spanning over two centuries of North American landscape design, the What’s Out There® database is searchable by landscape name, locale, designer, type, and style.

What’s Out There has more than 1,800 entries, with content created by academics, volunteers, and advocates, vetted over the past decade by dozens of researchers and historians. As the database grows the linkages will expand exponentially, making an increasingly rich archive.

We hope that What’s Out There will serve as a reference for students and teachers of design and history, enthusiasts, and professionals, provoking interest, informing stewardship decisions, and enriching our understanding of our designed landscape history. We invite you to communicate with us, becoming part of our synergistic, online community, by telling us What’s Out There.

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