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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden on the Road to Restoration

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

Since a change in leadership in December 2010, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has been actively working with interested community members, the Santa Barbara County Historic Landmarks Commission, and Susan Van Atta Associates and the Cultural Landscape Foundation to develop a cultural landscape plan which will ensure the preservation (or restoration) of the historic design intent of the garden. In April 2011, the “Meadow Terrace” was removed and the original grade was restored, preparing the way for guidance from the Cultural Landscape Plan – anticipated to be completed this fall – to recommendations on how that area should be managed into the future.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has made a commitment to manage the historic portions of the garden in keeping with the guidance of the Cultural Landscape Plan, and is considering pursuing national landmark designation in addition to the county designation that is currently in place.