Garden Dialogue Reviews Are In: "Fascinating" "A Delight" "Another Impressive TCLF Event"


Garden Dialogue Reviews Are In: "Fascinating" "A Delight" "Another Impressive TCLF Event"

Garden Dialogue Reviews Are In: "Fascinating" "A Delight" "Another Impressive TCLF Event"

“Great idea” … “Fascinating” … “No way I could have had a better experience” … “Stories you would not normally hear” … “Pleased to be part of such an intimate and august group” … “Another impressive TCLF event”


upper: Landscape architectEdward Daugherty with
client SidneyChildress at a Dialogue in her garden,
photo by Andrew Kohr; lower: John Howard talks
with visitors at the Mitchell House, photo by Mario
There’s always a risk with a new venture, and we knew Garden Dialogues would be a gamble and a logistically complex undertaking;but we also thought it would offer intriguing, unique and important insights into the relationship between landscape architect and patron, and probably fun. Apparently, the various combinations of sites, landscape architects, patrons and attendees in the inaugural Garden Dialogues this April made a universally strong impression. We appear to have a hit on our hands. Here’s some of the feedback:

“Having the owner with the client was great and critical. It was a great interaction between designer and owner AND it provided great stories that you normally would not be able to hear.”

“The tour was a delight and I hope you all will be able to make them an annual event. I really liked the instructional aspect as opposed to just wandering through someone's lovely garden.”


upper: the group at Spurlock Poirier's dialogue in
Del Mar; middle: Pamela Burton shows drawings of
the Bonhill residence, photo by Gina Angelone.

Del Mar:
“I thought it was such a great idea to have the creators and clients in a dialogue of what the project meant (means) to them all both artistically and personally. Great idea and I do hope you have more in the future!!”

Los Angeles:
“I'm a landscape architecture student at UCLA and recently joined the ASLA. The Dialogue was amazing in that it was in fact a dialogue among the client/property owner, the landscape architect and those of us fortunate enough to be there for the inspiring day. There is no way it could have been a better experience for a student such as myself. I felt like I had a personal on site seminar with Pamela Burton. “

“What I liked best about the event was that the client and the LA were both present and involved in the dialogue that a mature, residential garden was selected for this particular event and the event was pretty low key.”

Client Robert Wennett talks about Raymond
Jungles' plaza design for 1111 Lincoln Road, photo
by Amanda Jungles.
“It was another impressive TCLF event.”

“I was pleased to be part of such an intimate and august group.”

“It was fascinating and intensely personal to hear the who, what, where, when and how’s behind the creation of a landscape that complements one of Nashville’s most historic houses.”

“How meaningful I found the Garden Dialogue at Margaret Ann Robinson’s house on Sunday. Hearing how she and Ben Page worked together to create such an outstanding visual dialogue between the house and garden was so inspiring.”

“The people who were drawn to the event were equally interesting.”

Registration is now open for June and July Garden Dialogues in Northern and Southern California, Chicago, Connecticut, the Hamptons, Hudson Valley, Maine, Newport, Indianapolis, Portland (OR), Seattle and Washington, DC. Garden Dialogues attendance is strictly limited so register early.