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Pioneers of American Landscape Design® chronicles the lives and careers of those who have designed our gardens, parks, streets, campuses, cemeteries, suburbs, and the innumerable other environments in which we live. This dynamic initiative utilizes multiple formats—including biographical profiles, oral histories, tours, and print publications—to educate, inspire, and promote the active sharing of information.

Pioneer Profiles »

Emigrating to the U.S. in 1884 from his native Denmark, Jensen was a key figure in the Chicago Renaissance and played a prominent role in the creation of a uniquely North American design aesthetic, the Prairie Style.

The son of Japanese immigrants, Hanamoto helped to re-define the scope of landscape architecture, and was an innovator in environmental planning and assessment.

Oral Histories »

  • The oral history of this acclaimed and influential Seattle-based landscape architect covers a career that spanned more than fifty years.

  • A recent recipient of the National Medal of the Arts, Olin has profoundly influenced practitioners and the general public through his extensive body of built works and more than forty years of teaching.

Recent Stewards »

This Charleston resident led the transformation of a run-down public space in the heart of his historic city.

Landslide 2014 was unveiled at this NY-based artist's studio – read about the influence of landscape on her life and work.

Recent Pioneer Biographies »