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M. Paul Friedberg

A leading designer of new public spaces including diminutive vest-pocket parks, municipal and corporate plazas and main street malls. Beginning with Riis Plaza in 1965 which served as a watershed event for the 34-year old designer, and through his subsequent designs in the 1970s and 80s, like Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis and the Fulton County Government Plaza in Atlanta Georgia, Friedberg continually adapted and reworked the elements one finds at Peavey. For example, paths are interspersed among pools, water features immerse visitors in the landscape, and year-round use is encouraged, like skating at Peavey, Pershing Park in Washington D.C., or Calgary's 1987 Olympic Plaza in the winter. This flexibility was carried over from Friedberg’s earlier revolutionary playground designs as well as his continued observations of what made public spaces successful allowed for the interconnection of park features as a means to encourage discovery and initiate an active engagement with the urban environment.

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