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About TCLF

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The Cultural Landscape Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides people with the ability to see, understand and value landscape architecture and its practitioners, in the way many people have learned to do with buildings and their designers. Through its website, lectures, outreach and publishing, TCLF broadens the support and understanding for cultural landscapes nationwide to help safeguard our priceless heritage for future generations. While TCLF seeks donations to support its efforts, it is not a membership organization.

Founded in 1998 by Charles Birnbaum, FASLA, TCLF achieves its mission by

  • Collaborating with individuals and local, regional, and national groups to understand and protect our landscape heritage and to reach the broadest possible audience. For example, TCLF is one of the American Society of Landscape Architects’ “partners in education”;

  • Training professionals, students, teachers, and the general public to recognize, document and safeguard America's cultural landscapes;

  • Serving as the nation’s largest and most valuable non-profit source of information about our nation’s historic landscapes and those pioneering individuals who have contributed (through design, planning and advocacy) to this legacy;

  • Raising awareness of and support for individual landscapes-at-risk; and

  • Recognizing and celebrating the efforts of owners, supporters and stewards of significant American places.

TCLF’s overall success can be measured by the millions of people who have learned about cultural landscapes through its website, publications and events—as well as through the growing national awareness of the importance of America’s cultural landscapes and the increasing efforts to document and protect this heritage.

TCLF’s core efforts include:

16th Street Mall

What's Out There®
raising the public’s awareness of the rich diversity and interconnectedness of our shared designed landscape heritage by providing context about these sites through an easy-to-navigate, searchable database.


Kaiser Roof Garden

drawing immediate and lasting attention to threatened cultural landscapes, sparking debate and encouraging informed, community-based stewardship decisions.



Pioneers of American Landscape Design®
chronicling the lives and careers of those who have designed our gardens, parks, streets, campuses, cemeteries, suburbs, and the innumerable other environments in which we live.


Donnell GArden

Cultural Landscapes as Classrooms
teaching people to "read" the landscapes that surround them, to understand how changes affect these special places, and to become better stewards of our significant cultural landscape heritage.