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Oct 25, 2011
Excitement has turned to disappointment in Minneapolis, and what's happening there should be a warning about safeguarding transparency in public process and civic debate.
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Oct 7, 2011
If you think disco diva Cheryl Lynn is about to pop up and start singing "... to be real" everywhere you go, it's probably because the concept of authenticity is now almost ubiquitous.
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Sep 14, 2011
The transformation of the urban core, as I've written before, is hot, hot, hot.
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Jul 18, 2011
There's good news and bad news for landscape architecture.
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Jun 23, 2011
Nostalgia is suddenly under siege - particularly in the guise of historic preservation.
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Apr 1, 2011
Last week saw the passing of a distinct American icon -- it wasn't a movie star, stage actor, trusted political confidant or mysterious artist -- it was an elm tree in Brookline, MA.
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Mar 14, 2011
 When it comes wowing an audience, few can touch Frederic Edwin Church, the grand master 19th century Hudson River School painter whose jaw-dropping landscape panoramas rank among the nation’s great cultural icons.
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Jan 25, 2011
Miami in December is a great place to gorge on art and design -- and last month's Art Basel Miami Beach, Design Miami, and satellite art fairs such as Pulse and Nada, did not disappoint.
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Jan 1, 2011
Here's a game I like to play. Try to find decent criticism about landscape architecture, planning and design, particularly regarding public space, in any of the major US dailies. Go ahead... I'll wait while you think about that.
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Nov 22, 2010
Landscape architecture has become very fashionable ... to architects. Moreover, its co-option and absorption into architectural practices has resulted in a revealing turf war with Andrés Duany as a vocal protagonist. 
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