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Oral History Project

The Pioneers of American Landscape Design® Oral History Project is an ever-growing, award-winning series of videotaped first-person interviews with significant practitioners.

The goal of the series is to make these practitioners’ stories available to future generations of stewards, designers, researchers and heritage travelers. The series format examines each designer’s personal and professional history, their overall design philosophy and how that approach was carried out in their most emblematic projects. Richly edited, the video segments include never before seen archival footage, new photography, and on‐location videography. In addition to advancing historical research, the Pioneers of American Landscape Design® initiative fosters a richer, deeper appreciation for often invisible, typically little-known, and, in some instances, threatened works of landscape architecture.

  • Her work in post-World War II American cities, in a profession traditionally dominated by men, is an indispensable and inspiring chapter in the history of landscape architecture.

  • The noted landscape architect shares his life, career, and design philosophy in the twelfth installment of the award-winning Pioneers of American Landscape Design oral history series.

  • The oral history of this acclaimed and influential Seattle-based landscape architect covers a career that spanned more than fifty years.

  • A recent recipient of the National Medal of the Arts, Olin has profoundly influenced practitioners and the general public through his extensive body of built works and more than forty years of teaching.

  • The San Diego-based landscape architect's oral history is the ninth in the series and the first in high-def.

  • On lands with thousands of years of history, landscape architect Shlomo Aronson has spent more than forty years helping shape the modern nation of Israel.

  • Recognized as a national treasure in Canada and recipient of the 2012 ASLA Medal, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander has been creating innovative landscapes for more than sixty years.

  • As a Founding Principal at Sasaki for more than fifty years, his career encompassed hundreds of projects for university campuses, museums, resorts, and corporate headquarters.

  • James van Sweden has been a leader in landscape architecture for more than 35 years. In a series of interviews he shares his philosophy about an enduring design legacy.

  • Creating landscapes for over 60 years, Halprin designed spaces which brought his knowledge and love of nature, movement, and social ideas into urban spaces.