2020 Sponsorship Opportunities


2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

Connect with people who share your interests! Sponsors of The Cultural Landscape Foundation's (TCLF) programs, tours, conferences, and other events capitalize on opportunities to forge direct connections with landscape architects and allied professionals, their clients, and others who value great design.

Specifically, we can connect you through...

• TCLF’s homepage, with nearly 725,000 unique visitors annually and 2.2 million page-views
• Bi-monthly e-newsletters and dedicated e-blasts to more than 30,000 subscribers
• Social media posts, with more than 70,000 followers combined
• Printed ads in Landscape Architecture Magazine, with more than 60,000 readers
• Feature stories in the online LAND newsletter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), with a circulation of more than 30,000
• Printed ad in Landscape Journal, which includes an online posting
Press releases sent to more than 800 members of the media, with a direct link to your website 
• Presentation opportunities to TCLF’s Board of Directors and Stewardship Council

Programs and Sponsorship Opportunities for 2020:

In 2020 TCLF sponsors can reach their target audiences through the following programs and events (click on each program or event for a printable benefits summary):

What’s Out There® Weekends: Hosted in different cities every year, What’s Out There® Weekends bring to light the unique landscape legacy and local character of each city as reflected by its publicly accessible parks, gardens, plazas, cemeteries, memorials, and neighborhoods. Engaging large and diverse audiences (typically 1,000+), this program offers two days of free, expert-led tours of more than two dozen sites that demonstrate the region’s diverse landscape legacy, encouraging participants to discover the little-known design history of places they may pass every day.

  • Boston, Massachusetts, September 12-13, 2020
  • Washington, District of Columbia, October 10-11, 2020 
  • Other cities in progress, including Cleveland, St. Louis, Minneapolis & St. Paul, and Rhinebeck and the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Commensurate with sponsorship level, you have the opportunity to include your logo or your name on the event web page, in the printed guidebook, in the online city guide, and more.

What’s Out There: The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted: In anticipation of the bicentennial of his birth, TCLF will create a comprehensive online guide to the public works of prolific landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr. (1822–1903), his firms, Olmsted, Vaux + Co., Olmsted, Olmsted & Eliot, and its successor, Olmsted Brothers. The online guide will include biographies, thematic essays, and a compendium of landscapes designed by Olmsted and his successor firms across North America. Olmsted’s legacy continues to influence the field of landscape architecture today, yet many of his public parks are currently at-risk or underappreciated; TCLF aims to ensure this interconnected landscape heritage endures by identifying its value, raising the awareness of it, and presenting content online for free and in perpetuity for designers, advocates, students, researchers, and the general public.

Commensurate with sponsorship level, you have the opportunity to include your logo or name on the program web-page, in the online city guide, noted in the press release, and more.

Courageous by Design: How Landscape Architects Are Confronting the Climate Crisis in New York City: Organized and presented by TCLF, this one-day symposium will focus on New York City just as the city’s Department of City Planning is actively engaging with communities throughout the five boroughs to advance their own zoning and land use strategies in an effort to “reduce flood risks and support the city’s vitality and resiliency through long-term adaptive planning." The symposium will feature leading women landscape architects who are creative and courageous professionals working in the city and beyond. These practitioners are inventing and deploying new tools, techniques, and technologies to meet the challenges of the current climate crisis. A reception the evening prior will offer speakers and attendees a chance to mingle and initiate conversations about the day ahead.

Commensurate with sponsorship level, you have the opportunity to include your logo or name on the program web-page, for recognition by name on the header of handouts in symposium folders distributed to attendees, noted in the press release, complimentary registration(s), and more.

Annual Excursion and Stewardship Excellence Award Reception at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture 2020: Miami, Florida: To kick off the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Conference on Landscape Architecture 2020 in Miami, Florida, The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) will host a daylong excursion in Miami, on Thursday, October 1, 2020. Curated by TCLF Board member Raymond Jungles, FASLA, founding principal of the landscape architecture firm Raymond Jungles, Inc., the day will include expert-led tours of iconic sites in and around Miami, transportation, lunch, and the opportunity to socialize with landscape architects and garden enthusiasts. Tickets, which are $1,000 per person, are limited to 50 guests, and the excursion typically sells out in early June.  Sites included on the excursion will be announced in spring 2020

The day will end with a late afternoon reception where excursion attendees will join up to 100 guests for drinks and hors d’oeuvres at a site in Miami. The capstone of the reception will be the presentation of TCLF’s Stewardship Excellence Award to honor an individual or institution that has made exceptional regional contributions in the field.

Commensurate with sponsorship level, you can use your complimentary registration to interact with landscape architects and allied practitioners, have your logo or name on the event web-page and on event e-blasts, and more.

Silent Auction at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture 2020: Held in one of the largest booths at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture, TCLF's annual silent auction features more than 90 pieces of art created by landscape architects, architects, artists, photographers, and others. This year’s auction will be held in Miami, Florida, on October 3-4, 2020.  Auction proceeds benefit the Pioneers of American Landscape Design Oral History Project

Commensurate with sponsorship level, you have the opportunity to include your logo or name on the event web-page, on each piece of art’s wall plaque, on the online bidding site, and more.

Garden Dialogues: Launched in 2012, Garden Dialogues brings together garden owners and landscape architects/designers to reveal the creative process, the give and take, and the collaboration that yields a great garden. This unique program offers small groups the opportunity to experience some of today’s most beautiful gardens created by some of the most accomplished landscape architects and designers currently in practice. Taking place across the country from March through October, the tours cater to audiences that are limited to 20-30 people, offering them the chance to be part of the conversation among owner, designer, and, if appropriate, other significant contributors to the garden’s design (e.g., architect, master gardener, historian).

Commensurate with sponsorship level, you have the opportunity to include your logo on the event web-page, have your logo printed on each program distributed to event attendees, receive complimentary registrations to socialize with attendees, and more.

Walks & Talks: As the first of many programs that will celebrate the 2022 bicentennial of Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr.’s, birth, TCLF is excited to introduce Walks & Talks in 2020, an initiative that invites participants to see the city through the eyes of award-winning landscape architects and practitioners in allied disciplines. Limited to 25 attendees and ranging from 90 minutes to three hours in duration, Walks & Talks are unscripted, mobile seminars during which participants are introduced to an array of built works, historic and contemporary, by thought-leaders in the design field who have a unique way of seeing the world, sharing not just what they see but how they see it.

Commensurate with sponsorship level, benefits include recognition on the project’s web page, recognition on the project's launch e-blast and press release, and more.

Pioneers of American Landscape Design® Oral History ProjectPioneers oral histories are an ever-growing, award-winning series of videotaped first-person interviews with significant practitioners. The series format examines each designer’s personal and professional history, their overall design philosophy, and how that approach was carried out in their most emblematic projects. The richly edited video segments include never-before-seen archival footage, new photography, and on‐location videography.

This year's oral histories include:

  • Pamela Grace Burton, FASLA
  • Peter Ker Walker

Commensurate with sponsorship level, benefits include recognition on project’s web page, recognition on project launch e-blast and press release, and more.

Landslide 2020: Women Who Shaped the American Landscape: Each year TCLF creates a thematic Landslide® report about threatened cultural landscapes, with the goal of making each site more visible, revealing its value, and promoting public engagement in the form of advocacy and stewardship. The year 2020 marks the centennial of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guaranteed women the right to vote. To help celebrate that landmark in history, and to simultaneously shed light on at-risk landscapes created by or associated with pioneering women, TCLF will produce Landslide 2020: Women Who Shaped the American Landscape, a photographic exhibition that will debut at the Boston Architectural College in the Fall of 2020 and will then travel to venues around the nation. TCLF will also produce a fully illustrated, printed gallery guide (pending funding) and an online version of the exhibition.

Commensurate with sponsorship level, benefits include recognition on program’s web page, on exhibition signage, in program’s press release, in a Landscape Architecture Magazine ad, and more.

Traveling Photographic Exhibitions: TCLF is fielding three photographic exhibitions that will appear in venues across the nation. Each exhibition presents newly commissioned photography, as well as narratives about the themes being explored and the sites featured.

This year's traveling exhibitions are: 

Commensurate with sponsorship level, benefits include recognition on event web-page, recognition on event e-blasts, recognition on signage at the exhibition, and more.

If you would like to receive additional information or are interested in becoming a Season of Events Sponsor, please contact TCLF's president and CEO, Charles A. Birnbaum, at 202-483-0553 or [email protected].