Garden Dialogues

April - November, 2018

Garden Dialogues provides exclusive access to great landscapes where one can learn the secrets to their creation. 

Garden Dialogues brings together patrons and their designers to reveal the creative process, the give and take, and the collaboration—the secrets to creating great gardens. Garden Dialogues provides unique opportunities for small groups to experience some of today’s most beautiful gardens created by some of the most accomplished designers currently in practice. The settings are intimate, relaxed, and exclusive.

In honor of The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF)’s twentieth anniversary, in 2018 Garden Dialogues, which provides exclusive access to exceptional landscapes, will focus on twenty projects designed by talented and visionary landscape architects and architects on TCLF’s Board of Directors and Stewardship Council. “Twenty for Twenty” will highlight some of the finest private and public landscapes throughout the United States.   

The Dialogues will be limited to no more than 30 people, to make them intimate. They will last between 90 minutes and two hours, to make them relaxed. Each Dialogue will be facilitated by leading landscape architects, architects, or landscape designers. Participants will learn first-hand from experts in the field.

Garden Dialogues – luxuriate and be inspired.

Thanks to the generosity of our hosts and sponsors, tickets for Garden Dialogues are tax-deductible, and proceeds benefit the educational programs of The Cultural Landscape Foundation.

Here are a few of the Garden Dialogues scheduled for 2018. Keep checking back as we add more Dialogues—all around the country—to the calendar.