Bonny Hershberger


Bonny Hershberger

Bonny Hershberger
Sep 24, 2019

Bonny Hershberger joined Hershberger Design in 2004. As vice president and managing partner, she manages the firm and oversees all client projects. She is both left- and right-brained—she loves strategy and planning as much as conceptual thinking and brings both to bear in her work. She also has a keen eye for design solutions and pays fine attention to creative detail on every project, both on paper and during implementation. When she is not checking off tasks on her to-do list, redlining construction documents, or charming a contractor, Ms. Hershberger is with her family, playing with her Morgan horses and Australian shepherds.

Statement: From my earliest interaction with Cornelia, when she graciously agreed to give a couple of young professionals a personal tour of Robson Square in 1986, she demonstrated her enormous love of, and contribution to, the profession. I have the greatest respect for Cornelia’s drive to make a positive difference, her exacting standards for the implementation of the work, and her tireless focus on mentoring current and future generations of professionals. I am delighted to be part of the 100 Women Campaign for the Oberlander Prize, which will honor Cornelia and her legacy.  

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