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Chicago, a city of celebrated, well-known architecture, is also home to remarkable and pioneering works of landscape architecture, from the Prairie style epitomized by Alfred Caldwell’s Lily Pool and Jens Jensen’s Columbus Park to significant 20th century landscapes that include the roof garden atop the Modernist Lake Point Tower and Dan Kiley’s geometric design for the Art Institute of Chicago’s South Garden.

This Kid’s Guide is part of TCLF’s ongoing Cultural Landscapes as Classrooms (CLC) series, which teaches people to “read” the landscapes and cityscapes that are part of their surroundings, to understand how changes affect these special places, and to become better stewards of this shared cultural landscape heritage. The 20-page booklet is filled with fun activities, engaging games, and things to look for at 18 Chicago sites. The Kid’s Guide encourages visitors to discover the city’s unique and historically significant landscape legacy. Take it with you when you visit Chicagoland.

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