Connections: Preserving America's Landscape Legacy

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Connections: Preserving America's Landscape Legacy

Connections: Preserving America's Landscape Legacy
Jul 13, 2016

“One million acres of farmland disappear from the country each year...each acre taking with it a layer of history. We are not just losing the land. We’re losing the distinction between urban and rural. We‘re becoming more homogeneous, and erasing the uniqueness of each place,” states Angela Lansbury in the riveting documentary on America’s historic landscapes.

The story goes beyond the land to further define the connection of people and places and takes the audience on a visual odyssey from the historic village of Waterford, Virginia, to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthplace in Atlanta, Georgia, to the steep forested mountains of Ke anae, Hawaii.

Never before has a documentary so successfully integrated the historical, sociological, and horticultural significance of land preservation. Connections empowers its audience to become stewards of the land and the history through it. It ends, though the land is often frayed and faded by time and misuse, like a tapestry. It will always reveal remarkable patterns of life and of human existence. Our task for the future is to nurture the land and learn the stories it has to tell, its own and ours.

Narrated by Angela Lansbury | DVD Runtime 55 minutes

Produced by the American Society of Landscape Architects & the National Park Service Historic Landscape Initiative. 

Funding for the documentary was provided by the National Park Service's CRTI Training Initiative, the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training and a consortium of other partners.

Price: $19.95