Fred Barlow, Jr. (1902-1953)

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Fred Barlow, Jr. (1902-1953)

Fred Barlow, Jr. (1902-1953)

Baldwin Hills Village, a National Historic Landmark community now called Village Green in Los Angeles, was built in 1941. The Board of Directors at Village Green has undertaken a Cultural Landscape Report and is seeking any leads or information regarding the life and career of Fred Barlow, Jr. (1902-1953). 

Barlow received his B.S. degree in Landscape Design at University of California at Berkeley in 1925. He worked for Paul Thiene from 1926 to 1929, and then began a 13 year association with Landscape Architect Katherine Bashford in 1930. 

In addition to Baldwin Hills Village and many schools, parks, stores, office buildings, cemeteries, housing developments, private residences and hotels, Barlow was most widely noted for his work at Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood.

He was Vice-President of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) from 1951-1953. Barlow died in 1953.

For many years after his death, beginning in 1957, the University of California at Berkeley awarded a “Fred Barlow, Jr. Memorial Design Award” to one student a year, but that program has since been discontinued.

If anyone has any information about Barlow or any of his projects, please contact:

Steven Keylon

5250 Village Green
Los Angeles, CA 90016
tel 626.312.3288