Hotel de Ville, Le Cannet

Le Cannet
Hotel de Ville, Le Cannet

Located in the heart of Le Cannet, a suburban municipality three kilometers north of Cannes, the former hotel now functions as a city hall. The five-story Beaux-Arts building was designed by architect James Warnery, opening in 1902 on lushly planted grounds as l’Hotel des Anges. In 1933 the town acquired the property and repurposed the building as a city hall.

Set back from the street on high ground, the building is approached via an oval drive that encircles a similarly shaped raised lawn subdivided into three parts by two arcing paths. The paths shoulder a central, rustic stone basin and waterfall, the former functioning as a retaining wall. Paved in local granite laid out in a distinct fan pattern, the paths and drive are set slightly lower in the ground and, nearer the street, are lined by rough-hewn stone. This primary circulation route coalesces at the main entrance, a port cochere. Forming a gentle mound above the basin, the raised lawn is dotted with palms and planted on one side by wax begonias and gaura. A permanent war memorial, gifted by the people of La Fayette, Louisiana, and an array of flag poles are located prominently on the largest turf expanse. The grounds are edged and well-shaded by evergreens and magnolia grandiflora. A secondary pedestrian entrance curves from the corner of Rue des Pres and Boulevard Said Carnot towards the “Salle de Marriage,” a separate ceremony hall.