Queen Acres

Cape Elizabeth, ME
United States
Queen Acres

Landscape Information

Queen Acres is a 49-lot modest subdivision built in 1941. Homes are similar in character and typically consist of 1-½ story Cape Cod or Garrison styles, which represent the small footprints and restrained details popular at the time for starter homes. Most have similar setbacks from the tree-lined streets. Many have freestanding one-car garages set behind the homes, typical of the period when garages were a property’s subordinate feature. The simple road layout includes several short cul-de-sacs and an elongated U surrounding a half-acre lawn known as Queen Acres Park; the majority of homes face the park, which is edged with deciduous trees. Abutting properties are entirely agricultural or residential, and about half the homes abut a brook. The subdivision has only one entrance road, which makes the neighborhood a destination rather than a through way and allows streets to be used as play space. Although simple and low-cost when built, the subdivision is remarkable today for its lack of contemporary additions and as an example of a style that preceded developers’ suburban tract homes after World War II.