2012 Season of Events Sponsors

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2012 Season of Events Sponsors

2012 Season of Events Sponsors

DaveyThe Davey Tree Expert Company is proud to be a 2012 Season of Events sponsor of The Cultural Landscape Foundation.

Davey’s (www.davey.com) sponsorship includes financial and promotional support for the 2012 Landslide program “Landscape and Patronage.”

Our partnership began in 2009 when we became the presenting sponsor for TCLF’s 2010 Landslide program “Every Tree Tells a Story.” “We were drawn to TCLF’s mission and programs and were impressed with TCLF Founder and President Charles Birnbaum’s passion and vision. '“Every Tree Tells a Story” was a perfect match for the Davey brand,' said Sandra Reid, Davey Manager of Corporate Communications/Marketing.

Trees reward us with life enhancing benefits: clean air, pure water, moderated heat and cold, and a healthy environment. We return the favor when we recognize the special trees in our communities. By shining a spotlight on irreplaceable trees and tree groupings, often associated with historically important people and events that have shaped the development of communities and cultures, we draw attention to the importance of caring for and preserving our precious natural resources. Share your preservation experiences with us online by visiting our blog or tree community sites.

The Davey Tree Expert Company has been offering horticultural services in North American since 1880. Currently, Davey operates throughout North America, providing tree, shrub, and lawn care, utility services, landscape management, and consulting services. Since 1979, Davey has been owned by its employees who take seriously their responsibility to provide horticultural expertise, industry leadership and to serve as responsible stewards of the environment. To learn more, visit www.davey.com/tclf

Charles Luck Stone LogoCharles Luck Stone Center is honored to be a 2012 Season of Events Sponsor of The Cultural Landscape Foundation.

Our partnership is a reflection of the shared values between the two organizations. “From the moment we met Charles Birnbaum, and shortly thereafter in attending our first TCLF event we realized there was something very purposeful and unique about this organization,” states Anderson McNeill, President of Charles Luck. “We were in the process of brainstorming ideas for our corporate social responsibility strategy around historical preservation and TCLF seemed like the perfect fit.”

Charles Luck Stone Center (www.charlesluck.com) has a global sales and distribution presence and locations across the mid-Atlantic and is a family owned company that services design professionals and style-minded homeowners through the consultation and sale of distinctive natural stone products. At Charles Luck, the experience is marked by tailored customer service for architects, interior designers, style minded homeowners, masons, landscapers and builders; hundreds of stone products from around the world; and unparalleled expertise from their stone experts and studio consultants. Charles Luck Stone Center is a division of Luck Stone Corporation; one of the largest private, families owned and operated aggregates suppliers in the United States with over 85 years expertise.

“Our parent company’s mission is to ‘positively impact the lives of others’ and we believe that our relationship with TCLF allows us to do just that,” McNeill continues. “Through purposeful education and training, championing iconic landscapes, and creative outreach with communities TCLF raises awareness and helps to preserve important and amazing landscapes that, while a part of our everyday lives, are also in jeopardy of being forgotten at best or demolished at worst.”

Charles Luck shares a passion with TCLF for great design, natural materials, and enhancing neighborhoods and communities by designing and building with future generations in mind. McNeill continues, “We feel we have a responsibility to help create beautiful spaces that maintain design integrity and utilize materials that are sourced and excavated from resources that are ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sound. And while our core business is focused on the creation of new structures and landscapes, we share a commitment with TCLF around the importance of preserving historical, landmark, or endangered spaces that have importance today and meaning tomorrow.”

As a 2012 Season of Events Sponsor, Charles Luck will help support the exciting monthly events and is looking forward to exploring creative opportunities for engagement during the events and through social media outreach.