Position: Executive Director


Position: Executive Director

Position: Executive Director

Executive Director Overview

Role Summary

The TCLF Executive Director will be responsible for leading the operations of the organization, managing staff, identifying new business opportunities, driving fundraising, building internal and external relationships, reviewing and negotiating contracts, and enhancing the presence of TCLF both locally and nationally. This role will require interacting with the Board of Directors and other critical stakeholders groups who influence the overall direction and vision of TCLF.

Key Accountabilities

  • Maintain knowledge of TCLF programs, constituents, and areas of expertise
  • Ensure consistent quality of all TCLF functions
  • Ensure rigorous evaluations of programs, programming visuals / graphics, and written content
  • Recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals of the organization
  • Lead, coach, develop, and retain talent
  • Identify program strategy and opportunities
  • Ensure the finances are managed appropriately
  • Ensure TCLF operations are responsibly and sustainably managed
  • Build partnerships in new markets, establishing relationships with the funders and political / community leaders
  • Be a public persona for TCLF’s community programs
  • Publish and communicate national and local program results to serve as a model for regional and national replication
  • Expand fundraising activities
  • Create strategic capital / fundraising plans
  • Engage and involve the Board of Directors in ongoing operations and new opportunities
  • Effectively communicate success metrics to key constituents

Executive Director Qualifications

Prior Roles or Experiences

  • Led complex and large fundraising initiatives
  • Has a track record of building strong relationships with donors and other key stakeholders
  • Managed multiple programs in different locations concurrently
  • Led effective expansion of an organization into broader markets
  • Led effective expansion of brand awareness through online / social outlets

Broadening Experiences

  • Has worked closely with board members
  • Demonstrated interest in landscaping architecture / has work experiences in relevant field (strongly preferred)
  • Led and managed employees from diverse backgrounds / contexts


  • University degree (Bachelor’s)

Language Proficiency

  • Full professional proficiency in English required

In addition, an ideal E.D. candidate will demonstrate leadership capabilities and possess the more innate potential characteristics listed below:

Leadership Capability

Capability Description

Inspirational Leadership

Getting people to follow you

Demonstrating a clear leadership “brand;” building followership across the organization; motivating and inspiring others; projecting leadership confidence and authority


Achieving results through others

Stretching staff performance with a wide range of capabilities; keeping the organization’s performance on track  


Persuading and influencing stakeholders

Getting broad support and buy-in for initiatives by leveraging relationships with senior stakeholders; tailoring approaches to persuade individuals and organizations with competing interests  


Creating synergies through working in partnership

Building reciprocal relationships and alliances inside and outside the organization


Providing vision and direction

Creating a shared sense of purpose, direction and priority; keeping diverse teams focused on the same goals

Business judgment

Showing commercial acumen

Making judgments on what will maximize the value of the business and its invested capital  

Competitive Edge

Driving change and disruption

Innovating and encouraging early adoption of new ideas; pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo

Building Talent

Building capability for competitive advantage

Providing with stretch opportunities for high potential performers; sharing knowledge and experience to help the team develop


Potential Dimension

Potential Factor Description

Change Potential

Comfort in ambiguity while challenging the status quo

Risk-taking: Boldness in the face of ambiguity

Experimenting: Passion for innovation and change

Challenging: Fearlessness in speaking out

Intellectual Potential

Broad thinking coupled with decisive action

Breadth of perspective: Insightful appreciation of any situation

Conceptual thinking: Balance of logical and conceptual thinking

Decisiveness: Urgency in decision making

People Potential

Flexibility when interacting with others

Emotional intelligence: Attentiveness to others’ feelings

Social flexibility: Adeptness in getting others to like oneself

People regard: Optimism in the capability of others

Motivational Potential

Confident and driven to succeed

Self-belief: Confidence in taking the lead

Drive: Relentless desire to excel

Resilience: Mental toughness in difficult times


A cover letter, resume, and writing sample are required. Please send application materials as PDF attachments using the subject line “Executive Director – Your Name”, to team@tclf.org

No phone calls, please.

Application deadline: Until filled