Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

Boston, MA
United States
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

Landscape Information

Winding through downtown Boston, this 1.5-mile linear series of parks and open spaces measuring 17 acres follows the path of a former elevated highway. Officially opened in 2008, the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy assumed stewardship and management responsibilities the following year through a lease from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

The greenway is the result of the decades-long Central Artery Project (commonly known as the Big Dig), which buried Interstate 93. The project restored visual and physical connectivity between downtown Boston and several historic neighborhoods, including the North End, Long Wharf, South Station, and Chinatown. The distinct parks that make up the greenway were designed with the goal of fostering connectivity. Moving from the southern tip to the north, the parks include: Chinatown Park (Carol R. Johnson and Associates), Dewey Square (Machado and Silvetti Associates, Utile, and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society), Fort Point Channel Parks (Halvorson Design Partnership and Massachusetts Horticultural Society), Wharf District Parks (EDAW and Copley Wolff Design Group), American Heritage Park, and North End Parks (Crosby, Schlessinger, Smallridge LLC and Gustafson Guthrie Nichol).

The Greenway offers engaging experiences for millions of visitors annually. The park contains several water features, as well as organically maintained gardens and lawns. Hundreds of free events are offered annually, such as markets, festivals, fitness classes, film series, and more. Also available to visitors are the Greenway Carousel at The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove, which was inspired by the drawings of local schoolchildren, and exhibitions of contemporary public art from renowned local, national, and international artists.