Stewardship Excellence Awards: Focus on Houston, Tampa + Indiana


Stewardship Excellence Awards: Focus on Houston, Tampa + Indiana

Stewardship Excellence Awards: Focus on Houston, Tampa + Indiana

Hermann Park Conservancy
has been selected for a Stewardship Excellence Award in recognition of their extraordinary commitment to understanding Hermann Park’s evolution over time and safeguarding this history within a present-day management framework which embraces the park’s unique natural and cultural values. The “heart of the park” project, an emblematic initiative of the park’s rebirth and renaissance, is a sterling example of how this first such conservancy in the lower south for a major urban park will unquestionably serve as an inspiration for other such groups.

Project Row Houses
has been selected for this award, first, because the idea of utilizing art and culture to knit back together a community is central to our own philosophy of applying wise stewardship practices of our nation’s irreplaceable legacy of cultural landscapes—from the most humble to high style. Second, the specific educational quest to meld art education into the fabric of a living, breathing community and, in the process, celebrate its own authenticity, ethnographic values, and regional expression is another central tenet of TCLF. From your humble beginnings in 1993 with 22 abandoned shotgun houses, to the creation of a Community Development Corporation, we know of no models or precedents that better exemplify your extraordinary efforts.

Sadie Gwin Blackburn
is being honored for her monumental role as both a pioneering voice and advocate for the great legacy of landscape architecture and garden design in the River Oaks community, as well as a bellwether for raising awareness for the unique landscape heritage of Houston over the past several decades.

Focus on Tampa
Sue Thompson
See Stewardship Story: Sue Thompson

Reclaiming America's Heartland: Stewardship Efforts in Indiana
Indiana Department of Natural Resources

has been selected for this award in recognition of their extraordinary commitment to the research, planning, and management of cultural landscapes throughout the state. Examples of the DNR’s leadership include the designation of hundreds of acres of parks and boulevards designed by George Kessler and Lawrence Sheridan in Indianapolis; the National Historic Landmark designations for Dan Kiley’s landscapes in Columbus (a first for a modern landscape in America); and grant support for Cultural Landscape Reports such as those completed for the three historic parks in Fort Wayne.